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The H4SS-S4SK combined strategy for sustained education: 

  The common factor of the children we are helping is that their parents are very, very poor.  If not, they would be able to attend state or monastic schools.  In most cases, the children are bread-winners for their families.  We should think of them, not so much as out-of-school children (OOSC), but rather as out-of-school-and-working-children (OOSWC).  They work as scavengers, cress-gatherers, betel-sellers, bean peelers, and as unskilled labourers.  You can see photos of working children here.  It is the fact that they are significant earners for their families that makes them difficult to reach.  You can learn about the approach of our Programme Director, Daw Aye Aye Thinn here.

  These children are out of school not by choice, but because their families cannot afford the loss of income incurred by the children spending 3 to 6 hours in class, each day.  For them, it is often a choice between education and food.  To enrol and retain these children in class we surely need, in some way, to address the economic needs of their families.  H4SS has a combined strategy:
●  Non-Formal Education classes that are active and fun, and do not depend on previous experience of formal schooling.  For more click here;
●  Family Support, a small payment to compensate for lost earnings while the children are in class;
●  Parent Education to help parents address lifestyle issues that impact on children’s welfare;
●  Social Work with families to help resolve some of the problems they face;
●  Income-generating activities while children are in our NFE classes.  For more click here;
●  Scholarships for continuing education and vocational training after students leave our classes;
●  Low interest loans to help former students of our classes set up small businesses;
●  Specialist teacher training and mentoring to ensure our teachers are equipped to provide a high standard of education.  For more click here;
●  Community Learning Circles to introduce the concept of education and opportunities for learning, to the communities where our children live and where there is a high degree of illiteracy;
●  Advocacy at national level to promote a combined strategy of education and social protection in providing education to out-of-school children.



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