External links

Below you will find a list of links to external websites and blogs which refer to S4SK and H4SS.


Blog article by Liz Savage, an experirnced teacher trainer who has worked in UK, the Netherlands and with VSO in Myanmar.
Alumni of H4SS NFE classes can apply for places at E4Y and then CVT. If accepted they can live at the H4SS Learning Centre and commute to the college by bus each day.
H4SS partnered with SAD on incorporation of play into teaching methods.
Photo of H4SS and E4Y staff who participated in the Swiss Academy for Development 'Playful Teaching' training.
Article by Katherine Pendrill titled 'Salary-Earning School Programs' about H4SS efforts to compensate for lost earnings while working children are in class
Report of a juggling workshop organised by The Social Circus
Article, 'I can choose my career as I like' interviewing a disabled child and his teacher.
News article about participation of our children in Myanmar Children's day
Article by Sabrina Toppa: 'Reducing Myanmar’s Child Workforce, One Lesson at a Time'
Article by Irrawaddy journalist Nyein Nyein: 'For the Kids on Burma’s Streets, a Chance for Education'
S4SK pages on the Charity Commission website including inspected accounts.
S4SK page on the Open Charities website
Facebook account, mostly in Burmese
Interview with one of our disabled students
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