Sangpi in 2018

  This is Sangpi who was the recipient of our first scholarship in 2008.  At the time he had passed his matriculation exam, but lived in the orphanage where he had grown up, was unemployed, and did not have enough money to continue his education.  He was interested in music so S4SK provided a scholarship package to cover fees, board and lodgings.  This enabled him to attend Grace Music Institute from 2008 to 2010. The Principal of GMI described him as one of his hardest-working students.


  After graduating there, Sangpi taught music for two years before applying for the Myanmar National University of Art and Culture, which he attended from 2012-2015 where he majored in the violin, with scholarship to cover transport costs from S4SK.


  He won a national competition in 2012, where he was awarded first place for a performance with the violin.


  Now has permanent employment as a professional musician in the Music Department of MRTV (Myanmar Radio and Television) where he plays violin, French horn and keyboard to accompany television productions.  He is also a member of the Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra.


  He also teaches music to young people at Grace Music Institute (where had studied earlier) and other venues.




Buying his first violin in 2008

Certificates from GMI in 2010

Teaching at Grace Music Institute

Playing in a performance of the Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra in 2016

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